Our finest Bottarga Powder is produced from the eggs of the female grey mullet fish, indigenous to Aegean & Mediterranean lagoons and reed fields which our facilities are located. Grey mullet fish grows and lays egg in its naturel habitat.

It is caught from the mid of June until the mid of October. Fish is caught, the whole roe pouches are removed, washed with ice water, salted with natural sea salt, dried under the sun and our well dark ventilated ‘ageing room’ and dried, either hung from the ceiling or more often laid down on wooden shelves.

They are periodically turned and are matured for up to several months depending on the size of the roe. When the Bottarga is ready it is dehydrated and grated in a sealed Graziamare glass jar for easy usage on your favorite dishes. It is recognized as the best raw material for Bottarga production.

It is used on for pretty much everything. Over pizza or salad or omelets or pasta. Highly rich in Omega 3, decreases anxiety and increases the aphrodisiac. Powdered Bottarga di Muggine (Dried Grey Mullet Roe) is also used as salt & pepper (just a pinch) before serving your favorite dishes. It will enhance the aroma of boiled and grilled fish. Even a plain seafood or vegetable risotto both as far as taste and presentation are concerned, “Graziamare’s Bottarga Powder” is your choice.