Our finest produced Bottarga from the eggs of the female grey mullet fish, indigenous to Aegean & Mediterranean lagoons and reed fields which our facilities are located. Grey mullet fish grows and lays egg in its naturel habitat.

It is caught from the mid of June until the mid of October. Fish is caught, roe pouches are delicately extracted from the fish's belly, and sacks are washed in iced water and carefully massaged by hand to eliminate any air pockets. They are then cured in natural sea salt, usually set in overlapping layers for a few weeks. The resulting slabs are washed again and pressed to eliminate brine and other liquids. After that, the ageing phase begins; the slabs are taken into a wide, well ventilated dark ‘ageing room’ and dried, either hung from the ceiling or more often laid down on wooden shelves. They are periodically turned and are matured for up to several months depending on the size of the roe.

It's a delicacy the world over, and it dates back to ancient times. Bottarga is wonderful to eat with vegetables, grated over almost any starch or grain, or just on its own, sliced paper thin and seasoned with a little salt or soy sauce, a squeeze of lemon, and a slick of flavorful oil. It can also be delicious when served grilled.