Graziamare is a family owned company. Mustafa Ozpirinc is the founder of the company. He started his business career by selling his father’s farm products to near towns when he was eight. He grew up as a salesman.

After his father’s death in 1885, young Mustafa moved to a beautiful seaside village called Dalia in south part of Turkey by the Rhodes Island in Greece. He started to grow cotton and meanwhile he wanted to put a good use of the Aegean and Mediterranean rich sea products where Dalia village is located.

He was always interested in specifically Grey Mullet Fish. He was amazed the intelligence, quick adaptation and the taste of the fish. First he started as a hobby; catching and eating the fish. Then started to process the eggs and made Bottarga in a small cottage.

In 1905, he established a fish company and professionally involved Grey Mullet Fish and production of Grey Mullet Bottarga. He kept Grey Mullet grow and reproduce in their natural habitat and put cages around 300 acre sea land he owned.

Four years ago, fourth generation became in charge of the business. Company continued to grow and expanded in and around of the Dalia village with over 400 employees and fishermen. Most of the employees and fishermen are very skilled and professional long term employees in the company. Most of their parents were also working in the same company.

Mustafa Ozpirinc knew that; this business is a skilled employee business. Each process of gathering the fish, preparing as Bottarga, Beeswax Bottarga, Bottarga Powder must be made by the hands of the skilled employees. He invested on employees over years and educated, sent on education as well.

Over the years of hard work; today; Graziamare have a state of the art facilities, dedicated, skilled employees and delicious products. We export Europe, Middle East, United States, some African & Asian countries and Japan.



In 1955, for the first time the company reached $100,000 IN SALES


In 1960, we add an electronic cooling machineries in our facility to keep the fish frozen so that when the fishing season ends we always have the fish for our customers. That year we reached $250,000 IN SALES


In 1970; we become the fastest-growing Grey Mullet Fish company with $400,000 IN SALES


In 1980, we increased our Beeswax Bottarga production to 20 tons for the first time and reached $500,000 IN SALES


In 1990, we had a new product called Bottarga Powder and $630,000 IN SALES


In 2000, we reached four kinds of product for the first time with the total of $780,000 IN SALES


In 2010, Graziamare becomes the best-selling Bottarga Imperial which is big size of Bottarga in the natural foods industry in Mugla. We introduce two product support the gourmet taste, Graziamare Olive and Graziamare Olive Oil, total of $870,000 IN SALES


In 2015, 300 EMPLOYEES and $920,000 IN SALES


In 2017, we sell our 1,000,000th tons of product sale. $1,000,000 IN SALES


This year shows Graziamare’s largest growth and highest sales numbers to date. $1,300,000 IN SALES