After 25 years working in the fish industry in Europe, U.S and Turkey. I became the CEO of the family owned fish business. Over the years, I experienced how the technology, production, taste and quality of real Bottarga should be.

We continually strived for excellence and raising the bar on the Turkish Fish Industry. Establishing a passionate, reformist and people orientated organization while also providing a powerful platform for Bottarga Industry in Istanbul and Mugla. Our philosophy is ‘Quality, Genuine, Genial, Listener, Grasp, Customer Oriented, and Practical’. We have the same ingredients, but never the same recipe.

I am very proud of what we have created at Graziamare and our results are there for everybody to see.

I look forward to develop new ways to shape the industry of forthcoming and deliver incredible outcomes for all those that prefer to use Graziamare products as their first choice.


Mazhar Anil Bilgen